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Works 1977-84

1977: Walking pot form. Slab built, decorated inside and out, inlaid coloured clay and part glazed. H.26cm, l. 21cm, w.27cm. New York, USA

1978: Group of 7 inter-related pots. Slab built, inlaid clay, decorated inside and out. Part glazed. Each h. 31com, w.20cm, d.10cm approx. L.A. USA

1980: slab built open pot form with single limb. Inlaid clay, mat yellow and turquoise glazes. H.15cm, 35cm long approx
(photographer David Ward)

1981: slab built open pot form. Inlaid clay. Mat turquoise glaze + low fire enamels. H 16cm, d. 32cm approx.
(photographer David Ward)

1984: Balancing form with 3 limbs. Hand built slab form, inlaid clays mixed glazes and low fire enamels. H 26cm, w. 21cm approx
(photographer David Ward)

1984: form with 4 limbs and one opening. Hand built slab form, inlaid clays, mixed glazes, low fired enamels. 86cm long, approx
(photographer David Ward)

background image: Brick pattern SCDC
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