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About Jacqui

"As an artist I have become increasingly difficult to categorise. I established myself as a major figure on the international ceramics scene in the 1970s and 80s. Then in the 90s I diversified my practice to include painting, sculpture and public art commissions, ending the decade as one of the three curators of the British Art Show.

"My personal passion is for pattern and colour. I do not have a minimalist aesthetic. I believe that complexity can enrich our lives but should not overwhelm us. Each element within a composition should add to the overall experience.

"In recent years collaboration has become an important part of my work, whether I’m exhibiting as an artist, curating, or working with architects. I believe that we can maximise both our individual potential and that of the project through teamwork. My background in ceramics has left me with a strong interest in function, and my approach to public projects satisfies this side of my creativity. The function could be aesthetic or practical, but one of the great pleasures of working as a team is the feeling that a brief has been understood and answered creatively."

Jacqui Poncelet 2007